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Success Stories


Problem:  Real estate office with 9 agents using standard "Big Name" PBX with 8 phones  and 6 lines wants to add 4 additional lines, 5 new phones and an Auto-attendant and voicemail.  The cost of adding new line cards, new extension cards plus a Auto-attendant with additional voicemail boxes will cost over $4,500 to install.

Solution:  Replace this Dinosaur system with a state of the art IP-Centrex system from BridgePoint Telecom.  Total cost $2,330 (QOS Router, 11 Standard Phones 2 Executive phones).

Legal Office with 2 locations

Problem: Two attorneys in private practice form a partnership but decide to keep both offices. Both have different types of phone systems.  How do they make the partnership work?

Solution: BridgePoint Telecom's IP-Centrex combines the offices different systems into one.  Each office gets new IP-Centrex phones and the engineers at BridgePoint take ALL the phone numbers that ring at both offices and have them go into a SINGLE Auto-attendant.  When their clients call they listen to the recording and when they dial either attorney the call is automatically routed to them at their respective office.

Next Generation Sales Company

Problem:  Startup sales company needs to have seamless communication with its customers.  Company has small office but the two partners do much of the work at home or other locations.

Solution: IP-Centrex from BridgePoint Telecom.  For a initial savings of over 90% the partners have their office and home phones BOTH ring when an outside caller or their extension is dialed.  Plus a standard feature is no answer transfer to another phone, extension or cellular phone.

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