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Our Small office integrated IP-Centrex systems bring unmatched level of integration, reliability, low maintenance, simplicity in installation and configuration. Incredibly LOW cost of ownership makes our

IP-Centrex is your logical choice for your office or your home office.

Our systems save your company from making the upfront investment of purchasing a phone system. The only purchases you make are the handsets you would like to use. We connect your phones to our Hosted IP-Centrex Switch. This brings you an avalanche of the new applications integrated into the small reliable system that you can upgrade to.

IP-Centrex provides you with all the data and voice services - your office is not small any more!
You can buy ONE phone or 1,000. Unlike your typical phone system where you have to add cards that give you additional lines and features. We can add lines as you need them one at a time as you grow.

IP-Centrex allows remote users to share the data and voice - file sharing and voice mail at your remote location.  IP-Centrex connects your remote offices using our distributed IP PBX approach reducing your phone bills and bringing the functionality not available in legacy phone systems.

IP-Centrex brings integrated VOIP solutions into your office or/and connected home with the multiple phone extensions, voice mails and application sharing.  IP-Centrex will positively impact your bottom line and will pay for itself in a matter of months by reducing the voice and fax toll charges, eliminating necessity of IT personnel, eliminate the need to purchase or lease expensive cards and options (Voicemail cards, Auto Attendants).

Our data and voice networking products can fit into:
- Home offices,
- professional service offices,
- branch offices,
- medical offices,
- real estate companies,
- sales organizations,
- brokerage offices,
- restaurants, beauty salons, stores,
- motels, hotels,
IP telephony is revolutionizing communications, increases efficiency and reduces long-distance phone charges.

IP-Centrex is the solution for you if:
- You have a small office or connected house (up to 20 users can share the data and phone system in the office)
- You have a small office or connected house and want allow remote users share the data and phones in the office
- You have branch offices and want them to be connected over the internet through the distributed IP PBX...




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